I Haven’t Read A Magazine In Years

The first thing I notice, is the ads.

Then there’s a delightful article about how at 21 some young lady has just finished Uni with a ‘shiny new degree’ – reminding me that at 25, I’m at the age where people assume I’ve either been and finished Uni or I shan’t ever go.

Then I notice the prices, in small print, on the ads. £420 for one little jacket? A jacket that you probably wouldn’t get more than a few months wear out of.

The models wearing them are all tiny and not at all ‘real’ looking. I’m tiny myself so I sound a hypocrite when I say that people like ‘that’ don’t look ‘real’. But I still wish that these models had some meat on their bones.

Even the food ads are ‘fat free’.

Fashion. Beauty. Fashion. Beauty. Keep fit. Exercise.

Drink. Smoke. Have sex.

Dress ‘right’.

How to post a selfie.

Subscribe now.

Maybe I picked up the wrong kind, maybe I didn’t. Maybe they aren’t all the same. Maybe there are different boxes, rather than just one stereotypical box.
I haven’t picked up and read a magazine in years. I keep hearing how social media and society is bad on the youth of today. The models are too thin and so girls aspire to be that thin. The celebrities are airbrushed so youths feel pressure to be ‘perfect’. I see that. I just saw that within every page.
Maybe I picked up the wrong kind. Maybe I didn’t. Maybe I won’t mindlessly pick up a magazine and waste my money again.

This IS just my opinion. This is Just Me

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