Lesson Prompt:
Write a 250 word story. Person A wakes up to find Person B sitting on the edge of their bed. Person A reacts…

The time is 6:40am. Sun is just starting to shine through the curtains, making silhouettes appear on the walls. It is early, the birdsong being the only sounds coming from the streets below.
The small room was taken up mostly by the bed standing in the middle of the room, a cluttered floor surrounding it. Alex lays blissfully unaware of the person appearing in his room. They tread slowly and carefully through the organised chaos of his room until they make it to the side of his bed, slowly sitting down on the edge.
As she sits there looking down at the back of Alex’s head, an ominous feeling starts to come across the room. The blank look on her face not being one of contentment, but of utter indifference.
Alex starts to slowly stretch as he becomes aware of his surroundings. Taking in the sunlight streaming into in the room, he moves onto his back, reaching for his phone. Startled by a presence beside him, his body jolts as he tries to move away. His instincts to get away work against him as he falls over the other side of the bed and lands with a dull thump.
He slowly raises his head to look towards the intruder, suspicion evident in his eyes. His sleep addled brain finally takes in the young girl starring at him and manages to ask, “Who are you?”
The girl, silently rises from the bed, sadness shining in her eyes as she leaves.

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