Tragic Endings

I’m stumbling, I can’t see straight
And it’s my fault I got this way
I got my hands on something great
And found a way to mess it up
I did my best, I tried to change
But it’s just in my DNA
I got my hands on something great
And found a way to fuck it up again
Now I’m the one thing, you couldn’t hate more
But you’re the one thing that I would die for
All my life, I was told, I was never nothing special
I don’t need to be reminded of it every other second
‘Specially when all my self-esteem’s
Already shot to hell, I’m falling helplessly
I’m embarrased, I don’t want no one else to see
‘Cause I feel like I’m a piece of shit every time she yells at me
Selfishly addicted, definitely doesn’t help that she
Makes me feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven
But makes life a living hell for me
She does that thing with her lip, now she’s melting me
I’m putty in her palms, I’m wrapped around her finger
A yo-yo on a string, she lets me sit there and just dangle
Until something better comes along
And she’ll just drop me like a hot potato
I look like I’m in pain, but I’m okay though
‘Cause I know she loves me—my friends, what do they know?
Songwriters: Alexander Junior Grant / Holly Hafermann / Marshall Mathers
Tragic Endings lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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