While watching The Big Bang Theory, I heard Sheldon Cooper explaining the science of the genetic predisposition to the Fight or Flight response.

*Enter my natural curiosity for life and the wonder of Google…*

There is a gene called the SRY Gene that is responsible for prenatal testes development. It also has involvement with the heart, lungs and brain – all of which are affected by the nervous system. This gene is only found in males and may explain how male stress is more aggressive in nature. ( )

I also came across the term ‘Tend and Befriend’ in regards to how females respond to stress…

Science: “When female animals are given an injection of oxytocin, for example, they behave as if a social switch has been turned on,” she writes. “They seek out more social contact with their friends and relatives.” ( )

These scientific explanations go to show the differences between the genders in a biological sense. As a student, I have previously looked into the gender differences from a psychology perspective.

I found that there is a 12% difference when it comes to reporting mental illness. The male mentality is often that they are strong men who cannot acknowledge any struggles they may face without facing a harsh stigma – so they do not report it or seek help for it.

Men tend to work for longer, retiring later in life and having limited social interaction once they no longer have a daily work routine in place. Mental illness is found to be higher in older males who live alone.

The gender imbalance is one that interests me greatly. There are many times where I have noticed the stigma attached to mental health become much heavier when it is in relation to men.

I am not a scientist or a psychologist – just a curious individual writing down thoughts.

I wish I understood the whole science aspect of it – maybe one day!


3 thoughts on “Curiosity

  1. noblethemes

    Mental illnesses are so very misunderstood and do tend to carry an unfortunate stigma. I know there are plenty of people in my own life who simply did not understand my having to spend 14 months in a group home … but, then, they’ve never really had to deal with mental illness, either in themselves or within their family (or with close friends.) Blessings to you!


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