I am a 90’s child, so I missed the original hype of Halloween and all of the sequels that followed. I was, however, able to see the 1998 film Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (on VHS) – and LOVED it!

I had heard mixed views on this new Halloween.

Some loved it, some thought it was “just ok.”

I saw negative, criticising news reports on Jamie Lee and gun control.

I have seen the original Halloween sequels but cannot recall most – I remember the first. I wanted to watch it just to see Jamie Lee as a younger actor.

I had an idea in my mind of what may happen in this new film but had successfully avoided spoilers.

Although I had heard the set up of the film was that the sequels had not occurred and it was set directly after the first…

OH MY GOD. I was glued, on the edge of my seat, my body tense as I tried not to squirm at the gore. While the gore is not dramatic or frequent – it is certainly present and makes an impact.

People in the cinema were heard saying “Slasher film. Slasher film” which it most definitely is – but with relevant gore. It thankfully did not go overboard with it, it was just right to have an effect and stayed relevant.

Jamie Lee was amazing – as always. Seeing her back as Laurie was spectacular.

There was a moment towards the end where another character wears the mask and I had such a feeling of disappointment that the storyline was about to deviate.

Then I was thrown straight back into the plot! Back on the edge of my seat and not having any idea what was about to happen next.

I was certainly pleased to have paid the money to go see this on a big screen – not something I usually do at all.

What a ride!

I highly recommend it. More so if like me, you are a Laurie Strode fan.

I may even go so far as to say this was my favourite of the Halloween films to date…

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