The Favourite

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I was not too late, to this party!

Off to the cinema, I went.

Rachel Weisz – whom I have admired a great deal ever since The Mummy (1999).

Emma Stone – whom I have been a fan of ever since I first saw The Help (2011).

Olivia Coleman – whom I have followed (not literally) since Broadchurch (2013).

Put them together and you have a pretty amazing female cast! What more could you possibly want?

While I am British, I had zero knowledge of Queen Anne, other than she had once been the Queen – as stated in this film.

The trailer ( ) had me gripped and amused from the first second I saw it and has every other time since.

The language within the film was more modern than I had expected and much more colourful! Sitting there watching it, I was glad I had gone alone. (It takes a lot to shock me, however, it takes very little to make my cheeks flush a bright red). I loved it.

I walked away with the thought, “Well, that was very odd.” And I still feel that “odd” is the best word to use, especially in regards to the ending.20190116_151804

I am still undecided on what I think to it. I have seen various videos on YouTube about how amazingly well it has been received and while I agree that the film was impeccably made and the performances top notch… I am not chomping at the bit to see it a second time. Although there are a couple of scenes with Rachel that I shall no doubt be Youtube-ing!

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