March is Here

I had not been prepared for March – February seemed to fly by!

For March I have landed on the idea of meditating and giving up bacon (just for the one month).

This is a hardship already. I am struggling so very much to meditate. I find that the breathing exercises remind me way too much of the days where I had to fight with my body to do just that. The days of being right on the edge of a panic attack with no other way back but to either find fight or flight.

I have now thrown the deep breathing out of the window and just started having 10 minutes of quiet time. No phone, no laptop, no devices of any sort… just quiet and stillness. This is much easier for me to accomplish and doesn’t feel as traumatic as reliving horrible memories.

Giving up bacon, however, is awful. I eat way too much of it, more than is likely healthy and I am already missing not having it in my fridge. I remind myself that it is only for 1 month – hardly anything in the grand scheme of things!

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