• 92% of parents thought that their child’s school attendance difficulties were related to undiagnosed/unsupported SEND

• Despite this, 20% had been told not to bother applying for an Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP) and a further 20% did not know what an EHCP was

• 55% parents were blamed for their child’s attendance issues

• 25% parents were reported to Social Services because of their child’s poor attendance

• 18.4% of parents had been accused of fabricating or influencing their child’s illness (also known as FII or Munchausen’s Syndrome By Proxy)

• 67% had been put under pressure to force their child into school, yet 59% said this had made the situation worse

School refusal/school phobia/school avoidance


I found school so traumatic (due to some of the issues mentioned within this campaign) that I still don’t discuss it. Please, take the time to read (School refusal/school phobia/school avoidance) and sign it if you can.

Much thanks,


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