For the past 3 weeks, every week, I have been doing my 2 days (15 hours) in Uni and my 2 days (16 hours) of volunteering with Wednesday’s and Saturday’s set aside for Uni reading and writing essays.

Today, after very little sleep I woke up exhausted and decided I would take today off from my volunteering. I have to do 100 hours by the start of May as part of my course (not funded) and I already have just under 50 hours complete.


Now there is guilt.

I keep thinking of ‘mental health days’ and looking after one’s self.

But. We live in a society that deems mental illness to be a weakness and while I do not think of this as being the case with others… I apparently have a whole different set of rules for myself.

One day for the good of my health should not bring guilt.

And yet, here we are.


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