Hi! So this is basically just a blog about random everyday things that pop into my mind. I can guarantee it won’t be updated daily (most likely not even weekly) but here we go…

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I on occasion use other people’s work to convey meanings when my own mind makes less sense. I always reference and cite the work of others.

Here is my First Post



To live a dream, is a great feeling. It is exciting and thrilling, it has the power to take your breath away. I have had more dreams than I can count, imagined a thousand different routes for my life. I have wanted to be a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, a hair dresser, a police officer, a social worker… something with a purpose, a meaning. A job that would develop into a career of bringing more light into a dark world. Many have supported me, many have told me what I had continuously told myself – I was aiming for something impossible.
But here I am – aiming directly towards the ‘impossible’.