Social Media Generation

facebook-obsession-needs-a-facebook-hiatus( )

I am an unfortunate part of the social media generation. The majority of the time, I hate it – ‘it’ being specifically Facebook.

I have, as of today, deactivated my personal account and created one just for my own positivity. There are zero friends on it – no one there for me to look at and compare my life to.

It is linked in with my WordPress, YouTube and Twitter so that should anyone wish to follow the page – they can do so.

This is with the aim of giving myself a way to share some positivity and continue to improve my mental health going forward into 2019.

Here We Are

It is over.

It is done.

I studied some business lately – I loved it. I had always wished to do it, never thought I would have the chance, the opportunity, or the brains…

Yet, here we are. I have my work in front of me. There is ‘excellent’ scribbled all over it, on almost every page.

I had wanted my own business, once.


So many dreams, so many roads.

Everything happens for a reason, right?

The dream I have been chasing may or may not be within my grasp. But there are other roads. I have doors that I can reach over and touch, should I choose to. I am not used to having doors.

I have said so many times these last few weeks how tired I am of fighting. I have been fighting my whole life for an education that was not given to me. For things to go wrong now, makes me feel tired. Makes me feel like laying down.

I am not a person who lies down.