For February, I gave up carbonated drinks. No more Pepsi, no more Dr Pepper, no more!

I expected to struggle, for it to be incredibly difficult to accomplish.

I was wrong. I have managed so incredibly well and I am now in a place where I have not wanted to bring them back into my diet. They are gone (with the possibility of an odd one if out socialising – which is yet to happen as I have stuck with a cup of tea when being sociable).

As someone with an over-reliance on carbonated, caffeinated drinks, I never foresaw the day that I would live without them.

I am proud.

Cuppa Tea, Pet?

img_20190110_105336_543Tetley make tea bags, make tea.”
“I will destroy your happiness if it is the last thing I do!”

I have decided to cut down on caffeine. I am not cutting it out completely. So many changes this year – I hope I can stick with them! I already feel a positive difference by doing REDJanuary. I wake up most mornings excited and ready to see how many steps I can achieve. 2019 started off well, let’s keep going.



The amount of caffeine in an 8-ounce cup of tea prepared with one Tetley Decaffeinated tea bag is approximately 4 milligrams (99.6% caffeine free). The amount of caffeine in a similarly brewed 8-ounce cup of regular tea is between 40 and 50 milligrams.

( http://www.tetleyharris.com/tea101/faqs.shtml )