Trip into ‘ull

Two hours on public transport to get to an appointment that ended up being 10 minutes long, to then travel all the way back again.

However, photos… and 5097 steps makes Chloe a happy bunny.




Much Better

DSC_0213.JPGI miss my camera. My big, pain in the arse, bulky camera. I miss photography.

I chose not to bring my camera with me, to protect it from damage and potential break-ins.

I miss Sunday morning strolls.

I realised, rather late, that these are things to be easily rectified. I have a camera on my phone and the only thing stopping me having a stroll is me and my lack of motivation.

This morning I took a stroll, I took photographs and I feel so much better now.

I feel like equilibrium has returned to my life. I am now standing with both feet central on the ground.

Much better.